Rail Wellbeing Live offers everyone in the rail industry the opportunity to come together and connect with colleagues, high-profile speakers and health gurus to get inspiration, tips and guidance on how to tackle a wide range of issues.

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Learn from the experts

Someone writing in a weekly wellness planner

Rail Wellbeing Live is about bringing together different wellbeing professionals, each with their own area of expertise. Through our annual event, monthly Wellbeing Wednesdays and 5-Minute Wellbeing we give you the information you need to make a change.

Want to know more about handling money worries, or need some simple exercises to help with back pain? Revisit sessions through our Wellbeing Library to get practical advice from industry professionals.

Develop new habits

Join us each month for Wellbeing Wednesday and see how making simple changes in your daily life, can have a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.

This initiative is about you and the changes you want to make. However, those changes are so beneficial to the wider rail industry. We want to open up conversations about illness and mental health issues and build a better industry for the future.

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