Wellbeing Wednesdays

Join the livestream on Wednesday 16 September

Join the livestream or watch later as we launch the next Wellbeing Wednesday!

Did you know that its scientifically proven that swearing is good for you? And that what you eat really can boost your mood?

Our second Wellbeing Wednesday will see hosts, John Halsall and Lizi Stewart, be joined by Emma Byrne, ‘the sweary scientist’ who has researched the ins and out of swearing and its surprisingly positive affect on our health. As Emma explains “Swearing is the most powerful form of language we have. … Swearing acts on our body to get the blood pumping and change how amped-up we feel”.

They’ll also be joined by Angela Steel, Founder of Superwellness, to talk about the huge impact of nutrition on our physical and mental health, giving us a taster of what we can expect to learn from her session at Rail Wellbeing Live. They’ll be ready to take your questions but let’s hold back on the profanities for this part!

Warning: Due to the nature of our topic today we will be using some expletives, so if this makes you uncomfortable please feel free to stop watching and join us in 2 weeks time. And to all of you out there who know you sometimes swear stay tuned to learn more.


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