Talk Out Group

TalkOutVR- using Virtual Reality to help improve Mental Health in the workforce

We have been designing VR training scenarios for the Rail Industry for a number of years, which have been very successful in reducing problems such as accidents on the platform and improving dispatch times. We have used gaming technology to train guards, controllers and drivers. Although we are still providing these scenarios for TOCS, we are also now working with our parent company, the TalkOut Group, to break down the stigma of mental health in the workforce.

The group uses cutting edge technology (a communication app that allows better connectivity amongst employees – for instance your colleagues who are working on their own for hours at a time or perhaps long evening shifts) along with more holistic and traditional therapies and counselling. One of my colleagues discusses in particular the pressures of working in a predominantly male industry “MenTalk2”.

We all know the stresses that employees in the rail industry can be under, and the VR can give them confidence to know that they could cope with most eventualities, or if they are suffering from anxiety, we have already created a calm space where they can go to relax – whether that is on the beach or beside a waterfall, and when you are there you can take part in a mindfulness session. Sometimes it only takes a bit of time out, a bit of “me time” to get people through the day.

Please sign up for our session and we can tell you more about the exciting ways VR can help your workforce, and we will show a little of the worlds we have created, and the solutions we have created.

Or if you have any questions about any aspect of our work, training or mental health support, then please let me know: