Magdalena Wronska - Corporate Nutritionist, SuperWellness

Nutrition discovery

Simple everyday nutrition steps to boost health and feel great

One thing highlighted by the current pandemic, which everyone agrees on, is the fact that it’s never been more important to look after our health. Positive nutrition and lifestyle habits can help us prevent illness, feel stronger and more energetic. By making just small adjustments to what we eat, we can also influence our brain chemistry to boost mood and our ability to cope with stress.

This session uncovers a wealth of fascinating science-based facts and practical steps to help you make change happen:

  • We kick off with a quiz to warm up our brains
  • What our brain is made of and the chemistry of our emotions
  • Key insights on the 4 pillars of a healthy body & brain, from blood sugars and micronutrients to digestive health and hydration
  • Practical meal planning tips that fit with a busy life and working from home