Health and Wellbeing in Business - Various Speakers

Industry Spotlight on Health & Wellbeing in Business

IF YOU CAN’T MEASURE IT, YOU CAN’T IMPROVE IT! This famous quote is very apt for health and wellbeing in the rail industry which, historically, has not had a good track record in this area. With an estimated annual £356m lost to sickness absence in the rail sector, there is a real opportunity to improve workforce health, improve performance and reduce ill health costs.

Curated by the industry’s Business Engagement and Measurement (BEAM) team, we will focus on the importance of using data to help steer effective employee health and wellbeing programmes.

The session will be presided over by Professor Stephen Bevan, whose name is synonymous with evidence-based employee well-being. Prof Bevan will share the 10 lessons he’s learned about what makes an health initiative an effective one. As well, we will show you what others are doing in this space drawing on examples from GTR, Crossrail, Tideway and Balfour Beatty.

Building on this, we will share with you our current work to develop professional health and wellbeing metrics which companies can use to plot their health data, chart their progress and benchmark against other railway companies.

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