Nicki Williams, Nutritional therapist and hormone expert

How to manage menopause in the workplace

What if every woman in her 40’s and 50’s could feel better than they did in their 30’s? Join Happy Hormones For Life founder Nicki Williams for this educational and inspirational talk to explain the signs and symptoms of menopause, who it affects and how best to manage it in the workplace.

After failing to find medical help for her own issues in her early 40’s, Nicki shares her own experience of how she turned things around using natural solutions and went on to become an award-winning nutritionist, author and leading expert on women’s health and hormones.

Her 45 minute session will cover;

• What is menopause and who is affected

• How it can affect your wellbeing and performance in the workplace

• How to recognise symptoms (not always the obvious ones!)

• How to naturally balance your hormones using diet, lifestyle and natural supplements