Helena Clayton - Leadership Development Consultant, Coach and Facilitator

Exploring love in leadership: why love is sorely needed in leadership today

What culture are you creating and is it one that supports wellbeing, safety and flourishing, resilience and health?

More than ever, managers and leaders are responsible for the cultures they create around them. Helena Clayton has a particular take on this, believing that cultures that are loving are more likely to also be sustainably high performing as well as creative and innovative.

In this session she will share with you her latest research exploring love and the role it could and should play in our organisations.  Not soft and fluffy at all, she puts forward a view of love that is robust and useful for all of us as we strive to make our workplaces places where human beings can flourish.

Specifically, she will talk about:

  • Why love matters in organisations and what’s possible with more love
  • Why it’s such a difficult and tricky topic for the workplace and how we get around that
  • What we mean by love and how we might define it for the workplace
  • What it looks like in practice and what you can start to do immediately